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   My name is Yana. This is how I look now-smiling, brave and determined.I chase my dreams and I don get tired.I was a completely different person 2 years ago.


   I didn want to live, I couldn hug anybody.I could only feel my left arm. I went to Mitko after a series of appointments with various professionals, who could never give me a conclusive diagnosis, and give me hope that I would be able to write again. I am a copywriter. I create text content. I couldn control my emotions. I trusted no one, I was so afraid, I was in so much pain.  I went through a very serious car accident, which I didn cause and in a matter of one second I found myself a punctured lung, broken ribs and a number of serious fractures of my shoulder bones. My arm literally split in two halves. I went through osteosynthesis  surgery where the doctors applied 2 locking nails. When I first met Mitko, I thought the rehab process would only be movement. It turned out to be my salvation. The fracture had caused nerve damage in my shoulder muscles, and as a result only five moving fingers and an arm as light as a feather. I felt weightless. I could feel it with my right arm. My entire existence was broken...


   When we first met, Mitko saw me crying, desperate , terrified. I admit, I didn trust him at once. That was only in the beginning. His youth was a disadvantage, I thought. Soon I found out this was actually an advantage, because he never stopped learning during his practice, and absorbed so much from the shared experience of the best in the field. Today, I am so greatful that I met him. Not only he thought me to use my arm again, but also he lead me step-by-step through the process using various excersises. He set up a customised program for me, using water excersises that I could do in the sea, he followed my condition day by day, and he continued doing so even after my first therapy was completed. Dimitar taught me to find strength to get my life back, and to believe that I can really do it and he had the knowledge to show me how. Movement after movement, my spirit would move up as well. I was like a child, that would learn to walk. I would learn to hug, to hold, to pet. It was so hard, I was in so much pain, but he never let me down. When we first began,he warned me about everything, and he did not let me give up. I admire the passion he puts in his work, his thirst for knowledge, and all that to help us, his patients, who want to get back their mobility and be healthy. Due to the increased interest towards Mitkos work, his contact number is +359 899 957 845, he has a Masters degree in Kinesiotherapy and deals with fracture recovery, joint replacements, numbness, back pain, lower back pain, neck and joint pain.



Kostadinka Velikova

   An unbelievable professional and a great human being! After 3 years of numerous doctors appointments, he found the problem. 6 rounds of physiotherapy and an impaired stomach caused by the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Even during the initial check, Mitko put a tremendous amount of effort to find find the problem and give me the most detailed explanation. Football disease syndrome-I had back and lower back pain, pain in my right knee and that whole leg would get stiff. I had stiffness in my whole body and I had difficulty moving. It took him only 3 procedures  and the pain in the damaged muscle went away, it is easier to walk and the body stiffness subsided substantially. None of the doctors that saw me, could find the correct diagnosis-NOT ONE! HE IS AN AMAZING EXPERT AND A GREAT HUMAN BEING- and most importantly, you could put your trust in him completely and you don get the feeling he is only after earning from other peoples suffering. At this point I am doing a short break with the procedures, but I will go on seeing Mitko Dimitrov, till the best results. I trust him completely and I am writing this review for all of the people who suffer-Please, trust Mitko, he will do everything possible to help you and put so much effort and willingness  to achieve the best results. THANK YOU, MITKO AND GOD BE WITH YOU, KEEP YOUR SPIRIT HIGH AND MOST OF ALL YOUR HANDS MADE OF GOLD! Kostadinka Velikova, Varna. +359 899 655 758-Mitko Dimitrov



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