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Kinesitherapy and physical rehabilitation in Varna

Orthopedic diseases diagnostics

  The kinesiotherapists and physical therapists in PHISIO - HEALTH perform diagnostics of orthopedic diseases.


   We all know that if we want to overcome a given problem it is most important to find out the cause of that problem. Due to this, in PHISIO - HEALTH we carefully listen to you and ask you about everything  about your lifestyle, habits and things that might affect your problem. We check your skin tonus for signs of a disorder, we check all of your joints and their movements, your muscle strength, your nerve system function. We use specific tests, that also help evaluate your condition. That is the way we assess your overall profile.


   The reason for your pain is important to us, but what is even more important is what happened to cause that reason to emerge. This is how we fight the cause of your pain and not the pain itself.



Lower back pain
Trauma theatment
Joint pain treatment