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Kinesitherapy and physical rehabilitation in Varna

At PHISIO - HEALTH Massage Center , we are a team of professionals applying the latest trends in manual therapy, and in general kinesiotherapy and physical rehabilitation.

We work with kinesio taping (elastic therapeutic tape). The way it works depends on its application. Its positive effects could vary from anti-swelling and muscle-relaxing, to fixing spinal deformities, or giving stability and mobilization.

What we also apply is Mulligans concept, which is a second generation manual therapy , combining movement and manual therapy techniques including mobilization of the joints.This is the safest and most effective manual therapy technique. If you experience pain during performing certain movements and no one is able to help releive it, then you probably need us.

If you are unable to come to us, we can come to you. Call us now !

Lower back pain
Trauma theatment
Joint pain treatment